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KRL Consulting training sessions

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce the return of our highly popular 'bite sized' training sessions, held conveniently after work. Aimed at those wishing to send their staff on to a highly focussed yet hugely cost effective training session, the following course titles and dates are available: Cheshire (High Legh Golf Club, Nr Knutsford): Selling for Success - Wednesday 6th September - 530-8pm SOLD OUT Being part of an Effective Team - Thursday 7th September - 530-8pm SOLD OUT Telephone Sales - Monday 11th September - 530-8pm SOLD OUT Account Management - Monday 18th September - 530-8pm Essex (Stoke by Nayland Golf Club, Nr Colchester): Telephone Sales - Tuesday 12th September - 530-8pm Selling for Success - Wednesday 13th September - 530-8pm Account Management - Tuesday 19th September - 530-8pm Cost only £99 + VAT per person , to include workbook, pen and certificate. *** SUMMER OFFER*** - £59 per person - quote reference SO59 Includes wo

Change: facing change within the workplace

For many within the current workplace, change is now a constant - it seems to be there everyday! Society at the moment is constantly under huge change; politics, people, technology, business and so on - everything seems to be changing at a fast rate. Our greatest instinct tells us to fear change - to become embedded in our habits and see change as something that will ruin the "status quo". We are creatures of habit and enjoy the comfort of our daily routine. However, change can be the greatest asset we have and actually secure and build, not damage our future. Working with many clients, I often encounter a resistance to the concept of change. "Why change what we have been doing for years?" Looking at a clients business objectively, often highlights a clear and defined pathway to success - however sitting within the business as an employee, or owner, this route can produce feelings of fear and uncertainty. How can you as a business owner or employee, use

Is the telephone dead?

During the final three months of 2007, the average monthly number of texts sent on mobile phones exceeded the average monthly number of phone calls. Some people were still making phone calls on their “landlines”, however by 2007, landlines were already being displaced by mobile phones, in part because you couldn’t send a text on one. Today, we are close to the majority of households possessing no landline at all, with text messages now five times more frequent on mobile phones, than phone calls. You can still call your best friend on the telephone, but they probably won’t pick up. Instead they might text you, or message you on Facebook, or WhatsApp. Calling somebody on the landline used to be a perfectly ordinary thing to do. You called people you knew well, not so well, or not at all, and never gave it a second thought – whether for personal or business reasons. Mobile phones are still vastly inferior to landlines with bad coverage and awful reception. Calls often drop ou

How effective is your staff training and development plan?

Over the 13 years I have been involved with writing, developing and delivering staff training - one of the biggest questions is always, "what difference did it make?" "Did we actually understand what the training did and importantly, was it worth the investment?" Many training consultants and companies will create various documents, matrices, analysis forms and so on - but what about if your training programme actually delivered tangible numbers, new client names and importantly traceable income? What if the training programme I ran, actually could deliver income? That's what I do and have done for many years. Clients like Anglian Water, Autoglym, Hanson, RBS, United Utilities, Bupa, England Golf and many more, have taken real benefit from the realistic performance training that I have run with them. Working on site if required, with your sales and management teams, I can build and deliver a programme for you and your business that will deliver resu

E-learning - why should I choose it?

For many companies and businesses, maintaining an effective learning and development programme is both time consuming and requires investment. Planning and running an in company programme can be cost and time restrictive, thus prohibiting the development of your staff. More and more companies are now embracing and encouraging online e-learning and in many cases we are seeing this become a true blended process, combining the e-learning with on site in company facilitation. WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE E-LEARNING? It's Cost Effective and Saves Time By reducing the time taken away from work, removing travel expenditures and printed material costs, online learning helps you to save time and money. Learning Anytime Many face to face courses only operate within normal working hours. Undertaking the course at a time to suit you will minimise the impact of interruptions and disturbances. It Makes Tracking Course Progress Simple Perhaps the most important aspect of using computers

Do you really know your products & services?

Business Trends - #1 One of the main drivers is the push to have more subject matter experts within a business. Consider three different buying personas: an order taker, a salesperson, and a subject matter expert (SME). The order taker merely takes an order, and provides a price and delivery schedule. That function can be easily performed by Amazon (often with better results). Of the remaining two personas, which one would you want to encounter as a customer? Would you want the person with a mission to sell something to you, or the expert who you might be willing to pay to meet with because of their deep expertise? Which do you have? More importantly, which person do your customers want? KRL Consulting Tel UK: 0161 641 4040 Tel Outside UK: +44 (0)161 641 4040 Email: Website: