How effective is your staff training and development plan?

Over the 13 years I have been involved with writing, developing and delivering staff training - one of the biggest questions is always, "what difference did it make?"

"Did we actually understand what the training did and importantly, was it worth the investment?"

Many training consultants and companies will create various documents, matrices, analysis forms and so on - but what about if your training programme actually delivered tangible numbers, new client names and importantly traceable income?

What if the training programme I ran, actually could deliver income?

That's what I do and have done for many years. Clients like Anglian Water, Autoglym, Hanson, RBS, United Utilities, Bupa, England Golf and many more, have taken real benefit from the realistic performance training that I have run with them.

Working on site if required, with your sales and management teams, I can build and deliver a programme for you and your business that will deliver results - 100% tangible and very real.

You will be thinking this cannot be the case, but it is - without sounding too pushy or sales like, my "Live Calling" programme will comfortably take your sales team through a process, that will deliver tangible results, which can translate into real income in most cases and uplift the entire positive attitude of the teams in all cases.

It will also send a huge positive PR message to your client base and scare the competition!!

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