Is the telephone dead?

During the final three months of 2007, the average monthly number of texts sent on mobile phones exceeded the average monthly number of phone calls.

Some people were still making phone calls on their “landlines”, however by 2007, landlines were already being displaced by mobile phones, in part because you couldn’t send a text on one.

Today, we are close to the majority of households possessing no landline at all, with text messages now five times more frequent on mobile phones, than phone calls.

You can still call your best friend on the telephone, but they probably won’t pick up. Instead they might text you, or message you on Facebook, or WhatsApp.

Calling somebody on the landline used to be a perfectly ordinary thing to do. You called people you knew well, not so well, or not at all, and never gave it a second thought – whether for personal or business reasons.

Mobile phones are still vastly inferior to landlines with bad coverage and awful reception. Calls often drop out, requiring one party or the other to redial, or both, and then directed to voice mail, and everyone gives up in exasperation. The famous “hello, hello, hello…”

Moving away from calls, businesses look to LinkedIn or blanket emails to try and create interest.
In 2016 however, the Government clamped down again on companies behind nuisance emails and text messages.

The good news is however, the resurgence of companies now looking to embrace calling and re-energise their teams to make a well planned and structured telephone call has never been stronger.
The human voice can convey context, emotion, humour and all the necessary elements to initiate a good basic conversation.

Speaking to your client base and taking time to contact them will reap benefit.

A well-planned call to a potential/ex/current client might just result in more business, a referral, an appointment to meet – or the opportunity to chat again sometime soon.

Make that call!

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