Last year, 39% of HR teams felt their capabilities were good or excellent, but this year
that proportion has dropped to 36%, below the capability measured in 2015.

Why the slip backwards?

It is believed that the HR function is in the middle of a significant identity change.

Not only do HR organisations need to structure themselves for service delivery efficiency and excellence in talent programs, but they must now also focus on the employee experience, employee productivity, and the entire realm of work, job, and structural design.

The new rules provide a mandate for many HR organisations to reorient themselves and focus their people on the changing human capital issues their companies face.

HR leaders are clearly being asked to step up to the challenge.

The profession is lighting up with new ideas, and HR teams are rapidly using the new rules in some of the most innovative ways we have seen in years.

(article from Deloitte 2017 report – Global Human Capital Trends)


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